The future of our industry is heavily reliant on its members understanding and acting on issues which impact on the general population both environmentally and socially.

Here at Exodus, we have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility programme which allows us to continue our growth whilst contributing positively to the current attitudinal shift among polythene manufacturers.


Our company-wide ethos encourages employees at all levels of the organisation to buy into our values and desire to conduct all business affairs responsibly, honestly and efficiently. The ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard to which we conform requires us to have systems in place which ensure we retain a strong customer focus, high staff motivation levels and a proactive approach to continual improvement.


Exodus endeavours to provide its employees with excellent training and development opportunities throughout their careers with us. As a BRC-certified company, Exodus members of staff are routinely assessed with regard to training, safety and personal hygiene.


Exodus currently holds a number of globally recognised accreditations, with plans for further development and subsequent recognition. Such initiatives not only give potential clients confidence in our internal management, but also ensure our staff are well motivated and adequately rewarded for their efforts with regard to operations and production.


We are focused on minimising the waste produced in all areas of our business within our direct control and work with stakeholders to reduce wastage throughout the supply chain by cultivating awareness and teamwork, furthermore we have a well developed recycling scheme which runs alongside our daily operations. As a matter of course, we carefully consider the environmental impact of all our decisions, from product design through to all aspects of site work and distribution methods. Exodus Plastics continuously reviews our performance and sets environmental objectives and targets.

Committed to Excellence

At Exodus Plastics, we never stand still. Our state-of-the-art production site in South Leeds is undergoing continuous improvements, allowing us to maintain our high service standards.


As an ambitious company, we are always seeking to build on our diverse product range and enter into new markets. We currently supply goods to the following sectors;
  • Agriculture
  • Beds and Furniture
  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Food and Beverage
  • Glass Bottle
  • Machinary and Parts
  • Metals and Minerals
  • Pharma and Healthcare
  • Rigid Packaging
  • Tissue/Towel
  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • White Goods (Fridge Freezers, Washing Machines, Dish Washers etc.)
  • Exodus Plastics
    1 Brown Avenue
    LS11 0DS
  • Tel: +44 (0) 113 242 0089